$30 per session 1x/week
$25 per session 2x/week
$20 per session 3+x/week

(Minimum two/maximum four people per group)

$25 per person per session 1x/week
$20 per person per session 2x/week
$15 per person per session 3+x/week

*All training sessions are 1 hour in duration. Sessions are paid for one month in advance and are calculated by multiplying the number of sessions scheduled within the 30-day period and the session rate (no sales tax applies). Cancellations due to vacation or conflicting appointments require 24-hour notice and will be rescheduled or applied to the next month. Day-of cancellations due to sickness or family emergencies require at least 1 hour of notice and will also be rescheduled or applied to the next month. No shows or other short notice cancellations will result in forfeiting that session. Active duty/veteran/dependant spouses and children receive a 10% military discount (also applies to nutrition packages).


Customized Meal Plan and Nutrition Counseling Package:
This package includes a 1½-hour nutritional intake session during which we will discuss your current eating habits, lifestyle factors, pre-existing conditions or health concerns and nutrition-related goals. It also includes a customized meal and supplement plan complete with instructions, recipes, food-swaps, and more! Lastly, you receive one 45-minute follow-up session to discuss progress, concerns and revisions to your personal meal plan.

Nutrition Counseling Session:
$20 per 45-minute session
For those who purchased the Meal Plan package but want additional guidance and customized revisions to their meal plan OR anyone who wishes to discuss nutrition without purchasing a meal plan.

*Nutritional counseling can be done in person or over the phone. All meal plans will be emailed to the client’s email address on file. Because meal plans are customized to each individual they do require a significant amount of time. Please allow 48 hours between the initial intake and original meal plan and 24 hours for revisions to an existing meal plan.

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