Coming Back to Life: Week Two


I’ve officially finished the second week of T30C and I’m feeling sooooo good! If you’re wondering “What the heck is T30C?” well you obviously didn’t read my last blog about it so make sure you check it out here.

For those of you that already know all about my week one, let’s talk about week two!

I’m definitely feeling like flutox is behind me. My energy is pretty consistent, I’m sleeping well and I’m not having any abnormal symptoms. So, I’m stoked about that. Plus, I’m feeling leaner everyday. I think I’m even standing taller! Must be from all the core workouts and planks (which got up to 1 minute and 50 seconds this week).

I did have one sort-of set-back. I don’t even really want to call it that because I don’t feel like it hindered my results. If anything, it helped paint a clearer picture of what my body needs…

So, one night, for dinner, we made shrimp taco bowls. So good. The fam had actual tacos, tortillas and all, and I, instead, put my shrimp and toppings over cauliflower rice and pinto beans. Now, on the Standard T30C you’re allowed legumes in moderation. I rarely eat them to begin with, but thought they sounded good. I was SO wrong. I had the worst stomach pains all night and into the next morning. It sucked. BUT this is actually one of my favorite side effects of T30C. You become so in-tune with your body, that when anything is awry you know INSTANTLY what the problem is. When I’m NOT eating clean, or even when I’m eating clean-ish but not doing an elimination, sometimes it can be difficult to pin down what’s causing any digestive distress. Was it the grains? The dairy? Was there soy in what I was eating? Or a hidden additive I wasn’t aware of? On T30C there’s no second guessing. It’s actually nice to know! So, even though I was in some pain for a moment I realized I need to go the rest of the challenge (if not longer) without legumes. Perhaps I will try them again in a few weeks and see what happens. But for now, no legumes! 

I also noticed that I was very hungry in the beginning of the week. It was tough to stick to 3 meals and my meals were pretty substantial. I usually ended up having a mini-meal, which is fine, but, even still, I would start to get hungry before meal time. I think this was the tail end of my body adjusting to the challenge. By the end of the week it was beginning to dissipate. By Friday, Saturday and Sunday, even with a workout, I was still able to stick to just 3 meals. Which tells me my hormones are regulating and my body is beginning to use fat as fuel. Score!

Speaking of burning fat, this week’s Fit workouts were tough but so fun! I even got over my fear of box jumps! Well, I did them. They’re still scary, but I did them. 

Ok story time. Two years ago I was doing a circuit with box jumps. I was on my last set and I was tired. I went to jump and my legs just did not work anymore. I ended up busting my shin on the side of the box. The gash was brutal. Almost to the bone. I even still have a scar. Needless to say, I haven’t done many box jumps since. But, they were on the agenda and I pushed myself. They weren’t the most beautiful box jumps but I got them done. This is another thing I love about T30C. You have so many opportunities to push past your comfort zone. Of course, everything we do is voluntary. You’re not forced to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If I had said I wasn’t ready to do box jumps, that would have been fine. But these 30 days are all about growth and healing. Physically and mentally. So I wanted to take the opportunity to rise above my fears and prove to myself how strong and capable I am. I know, they’re just box jumps, but for me, it was quite a breakthrough.

Other than box jumps, we had quite a few core exercises (necessary for me). Burpees made an appearance as well. And a new movement that I instantly fell in love with hating called pike push-ups. They’re so difficult and they really suck BUT I’m now obsessed with them. I will conquer pike push-ups. Just you wait and see.

My favorite circuit was our Humps Day workout. I even filmed it along with some of the other exercises I did that day. You can watch it here on YouTube.

Our NFCs for the week were fun too. We made sure we drank half our body weight in ounces of water to stay hydrated. We also wrote about what we are grateful for. But my favorite was going for a walk. That’s right. Our challenge was to walk somewhere instead of using typical transportation. We didn’t actually have anywhere to go that day, so Eddie and I figured it’d be a great opportunity to take Stella on a walk to the park. The weather was perfect and it was nice to get out of the house and move together as a family. Stella loved it!

On day 14 I took another progress picture. At first I didn’t see too much of a difference even though I felt like I had changed substantially. But then I looked a little closer and noticed that my work pants, which had just been washed and dried were baggier on my legs and the same with my work shirt. I’m also down to the last notch on my belt! Gonna have to start adding new holes soon! So I know things are happening. But whether or not anyone can see it yet I totally feel it and it feels awesome!

Overall, it was an awesome week! The food is, honestly, so delicious! And as long as I plan ahead, it’s easy to keep enough clean food stocked and ready to go.

Here are some pictures of the meals I ate this week:

If I’m already feeling this good I can’t wait to see what the last half of the challenge brings! Stay tuned for week 3!