About Me

Mission Statement:

“Helping build a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.”

About Me:

My name is Bethany Rickman a.k.a. Brick. I am a certified Personal Trainer through ISSA as well as a certified Nutrition Educator through Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition. I live in Hanford, CA with my hubs, Eddie Rickman, who is a retired Veteran. He served 15 years in the Navy. So proud of him. I am blessed to be step-mom to his two kiddos, Andrew and McKenzie, as well as momma to our daughter Stella. We also have two fur babies, Leonidas, a pitbull, and Gunny, an English bulldog. They smell bad but they’re cute and we love them. 

I have always had an interest in fitness. I played several sports (softball, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics) from about age 5 until I was 17. When I was young I was one of those kids that pretty much ate anything and everything (my appetite hasn’t changed much to be honest) but it was never an “issue” because I was so active. But around puberty I started developing acne, I had lots of sinus issues (Valley life, am I right?) and even developed a case of IBS which lasted for quite some time and was super annoying. I never really attributed any of this to what I was eating because, like I said, I was active and never really overweight. At that point in my life my thought process was if you weren’t heavy then diet wasn’t a problem.

College came around and I was no longer an athlete but I did get a gym membership to fulfill my need for movement. However, I was only comfortable in the cardio room so that’s where I spent most of my time. I continued to eat (and drink) what I wanted and like most college students, experienced some unwanted weight gain. Finally, I realized that maybe what I was eating was kind of important. So I started reading Shape magazine and experimenting with different diets like SouthBeach and The Zone. I’ve always loved to cook so it was actually pretty fun for me to explore new recipes and I saw some success. I was never very consistent with any particular diet (because diets don’t work, but I digress) but I did continue to explore how food and fitness work together. A few years into college I also discovered the benefits of weight and resistance training through a class at my college gym called BodyPump, which would eventually grow into my current love of weightlifting…

In 2008, I graduated from Fresno State with a B.A. in Art History.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that, though I loved Art and valued my college education, this was not the career for me. So I decided to continue my education and pursue a new career path. Since I knew nutrition was important and had a growing passion for it, I decided to attend Bauman College of Holstic Nutrition through their distance learning program while I worked. I completed my certificate in 2011 and am so glad I did! It was at Bauman that I learned about the importance of S.O.U.L. Food (seasonal, organic, unadulterated, and local) and how the food we eat not only affects how we look but how we feel. It wasn’t about following a diet, but about eating to be nourished. 

In February 2013 Eddie and I welcomed Stella into the world. During my pregnancy I used my education to stay (mostly) healthy but I did have some intense cravings and let’s just say I had some fun with those cravings. I ended up gaining 35 pounds by the time I went into labor. About 5 more than I planned but nothing too crazy. Shortly after she was born I got back to the eating style I learned at Bauman as well as back in the weight room. The first 25 lbs came off relatively easily (not to negate my hard work and consistency. It doesn’t just happen on its own by any means…) But in March 2014 I still had those last 10 lbs to go. This is when a good friend of mine introduced me to a Paleo-esque challenge. For 30 days I ate nothing but high quality meat and fish, organic veggies, a little fruit, nuts, seeds and high quality organic oils. Nothing processed and no added sugar. It wasn’t too far from my normal eating style that I learned about in school but, with a few tweaks, I not only shed the last of the baby weight but my skin, sinus congestion, and digestion all improved! Issues I had since I was 11 years old seemed to not really be issues anymore! On top of that I had more energy, mental clarity, I slept better… every aspect of my physical, and even mental, well-being improved. Since, I have reintroduced some more foods and continue to experiment (and for the sake of transparency have even fallen completely off the wagon) BUT I continue to come back to this style of eating because, for me, it WORKS!! Through this lifestyle, I developed a new relationship and appreciation for my body and learned how to truly listen to what it needs. This, coupled with consistent weight training, is how I live a Fit Life. And I would love to show you how to do the same!


What to Expect as a Client…

My Training Style:

You know the saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? Well, I couldn’t agree more! That is why the core of my training philosophy is based on fundamental and functional exercises that have been proven to give results. I don’t believe it’s necessary to have a bunch of complicated or fancy equipment in order to get a good workout. I train from my own streamlined, home gym, and by doing so, am able to give my clients effective and affordable workouts! Also, as a busy wife, mother, and business owner, I understand the value of my clients’ time. I know it can be overwhelming to try and budget hours and hours each week to a workout regimen. By using circuits, supersets, plyometrics and active rests I give my clients a complete and comprehensive workout with each session. My workouts will NOT waste any of your valuable time and WILL make you sweat. I teach my clients these principles so they can continue to apply them to the rest of their personal workout sessions. By doing so, they can see optimal results in LESS time. But perhaps, most importantly, I believe that fitness should be FUN! If you dread your workouts, feel uncomfortable in the gym or don’t understand what you’re doing and why, you won’t stick with it. I address each of these issues by tailoring workouts to each individual client based on their specific needs and preferences.

My Nutrition Plans:

I know the terms “Holistic” and “Paleo” can sound a little strange and complex (let’s be real, they sound weird). But my views on nutrition are actually quite simple. I believe that the food you eat directly affects how you feel and by eating real, whole food you can drastically improve your health, fitness and state of mind. I know how confusing it is in our culture today when it comes to making choices about what we eat. Not only is there an overabundance of conflicting information about what’s “good” or “bad” to eat, but then you’re bombarded with enticing imagery and marketing for the “bad” foods and meanwhile you’re still not sure exactly which foods are actually “good”. Then factor in time, budget, personal tastes, family and friend influences… No wonder the drive-thru is so appealing. I completely understand and the last thing I want to do is make your life even MORE complicated. This is why I meet you exactly where you are currently with your diet AND lifestyle. I provide education that’s easy to understand as well as tactics and strategies to begin implementing food choices that will propel you toward your health goals. I could just crunch some numbers, spit out a calorie budget and tell you which foods to eat within that budget and you would probably see results. But that wouldn’t honor YOU as a person and you probably wouldn’t stick to that plan for very long. You are more than a number and your diet should reflect that. Deprivation and restriction simply DO NOT work for 99% of people. But eating clean, nutrient dense food that you actually enjoy and works with your lifestyle DOES work. And I can show you how to do so!

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